About Me

Hey! I'm glad you're here to get to know me a little bit. 

My days are chaotic. From dishes to  preschool to changing diapers, I don't get much time to slow down. Those few moments I do get to slow down, I enjoy a hot (although it doesn't always end up being hot. . . mamas you know what I mean) cup of coffee and my Bible. Despite the chaos, I adore my little girls. I cherish being their mother, loving them and showing them the love of God. Together, we enjoy dancing to loud music in the kitchen, making crafts, and snuggling on the couch (those chubby cheeks are too hard to resist).  By the time my husband comes home, we are all exhausted, but that doesn't stop us from watching him pull in the driveway. I love seeing the joy on my girls faces when they realize their daddy is home!


When the girls are finally bathed and in bed, and we've managed some sparse cleaning (though it wouldn't look like it), we enjoy spending time together watching Netflix and snacking on popcorn (or spending the time working on my business, like this about me section that took all night, ha!) 


It is my family that gives me inspiration for my photography. I have always wanted to capture memories, but didn't start until my oldest was born. She paved the way for my vision. Documenting her first weeks up until her third birthday (in the next couple of months) has been a dream come true. The details are what get me. From the first fat roll and gummy smile, to the wonder of the world in their eyes, to a simple bath, the moments of everyday life are the most joyful and what we will remember the most. I cannot express the joy I experience in my family and capturing memories to relive those moments.

This life of mine has led me to natural light and natural setting photography. I don't use lighting equipment and I'm not so worried about a perfect environment.  My vision is to capture your family as they are. I hope to make my sessions comfortable and relaxed, so real emotions are provoked. I look forward to working with you and capturing the moments that you want hanging on your walls for years to come.